Periscope Culture

Twitter launched an application that helps its user to live stream videos about anything through their cellphones, IPad etc and is known as Periscope. A person can live stream anytime and anywhere he/she wants, and they can also join someone else live streaming. They can post comments and subscribe them as well. While using Periscope and getting to know how this application works, I did three subscriptions while I was randomly looking at the live broadcasts going at the moment. The first subscription is an artist named Collin Chan. Chan streams his live video of making a painting within 5-8minutes, for example, whereas, we cannot see his face. The first painting, which I saw since I subscribed, is of an unknown girl using acrylic paints. The second painting he did is a coral painting which is a software used to do digital painting on a computer. Chan also teaches how to sketch, give tips and that I personally find very useful as I am interested in sketching. People from different, for example, Paris, Azerbaijan, London etc. are often seeing praising his works in the comments section. The subscribers also asked for his suggestions in terms of using different paints like which is the best brand or what type of pencils should be used for sketching, HB or 2HB.

The second subscription is of an advertising company named They usually live stream their lectures on how to make an advertisement more effective, what headlines to use that will attract more customers. They also show how to start your business if you are an amateur. The reason I subscribed to this is that it is quite informative; you get to know about different marketing strategies and advertising headlines to use related to your business. The viewers who joined them are usually in the business fields and are often seeing asking help from them related to their businesses. They do periscope almost every day.

The third subscription is an actress/host/speaker named Africa Miranda. She was also nominated for the best periscope of the year in shorty awards. Miranda live stream videos on different topics for example on the first two days she talked on the topics of goals for the week and why it is okay to say no. While discussing these topics she also shares her life experiences related to each topic, in order to make it sound more sensible. In the former topic, she explained how to make goals for the week that you think is important and needs to be done for example going to the gym, cleaning the house etc. While in the latter topic she explained that there are situations in which we hesitate to say ‘NO’ to the things we should. It is usually because of the fear that it will hurt someone feelings and she explained that in some situations it is okay to say ‘NO’ because you have to think about yourself first. In other videos Miranda live stream backstage performances or when she is shopping. Viewers are often seeing praising her efforts, work, and her looks.

This emergent new media, Periscope, shows us what the technology will be within the next few years. Nobody would have ever thought of that someday they will be able to live stream using their own cell phones or IPads about different things to the world. For example, a young filmmaker named Melanie Recker scoped a few times from the set of a pilot that she had written and was self-producing. Young, excited actors and crew were cramped in a friend’s house making something happen. Comedian and voice artist Josh Robert Thompson chronicled in great detail the creative highs and lows of producing and trying to sell his own phantasmagoric space-puppet-variety show (Markham).

This application also who have difficulty in making friends or cannot be able to express their feelings openly in front of anyone. They find this application useful and comfortable in showing what they can do and can build their own fans. Periscope has proved to show the difference between the male and female live streaming different things. Females can prove to have more viewers even if they are acting dumb as compared to the male members, doing the same thing. For example, when the male participant did a humorous dance, viewers were not impressed. As he showed off his “go to” moves for the club his performance actually lost viewers. Just getting up the courage to dance, and raising her arms slightly, the number of viewers grew for the woman’s feed. Many commenters remarked on how “beautiful” or “hot” she was, and though her dance performance was silly, it didn’t lose her any views. (Feinn)

But females are also subjected to have sexual comments and they keep on blocking those persons every single minute. I had watched a woman from Kearny, New Jersey fends off repeated requests for nudity—“boobs,” “twerk, please,” “we want to see your twins.” “You can see those twins!” she replied, pointing to her small dogs, of which there were actually three (TANZ).

But no matter what positive or negative remarks you get or see during live streaming, you have yourself addicted to this application at some point in time and you cannot seem to get off it. When I first starting using it and get to know how it works, I was sure I am going to delete this app after this project. But as soon I got to know it and how to use it, it’s like I am addicted to it. You can choose the person you want to subscribe according to your interest. Sometimes you find live streaming that makes no sense at all but you watch it, thinking that some interesting will come up.