Special Education Teachers Hardships

Being a special education teacher is very challenging. Teachers are faced with students of various disabilities e.g. Autism, Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Developmental delay, and dyslexia and they have to deal with all of them together. The hardships/struggles that these teachers faced are as follows. 1. Not being Appreciated I have worked as a special … Continue reading Special Education Teachers Hardships


User Requirement

Brenda Laurel in her book, Design Research has explained the concept of user requirements. According to her user requirements are generated in the requirements phase alongside marketing and technical requirements and focus directly on the users of the product their behaviors, goals, and needs. Their function is to make sure that business and marketing goals … Continue reading User Requirement

Outrage and Hope

The book, Network of Outrage and Hope, by Manuel Castells’, explains the importance of online networks in the diffusion of images and videos of different social movements that occurred around the world. Castells’ further argued how social movements started and spread rapidly through Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. These online networks also contributed in bringing outrage … Continue reading Outrage and Hope