Attention-Seeking Kids

Teachers are often faced with those kinds of students that misbehave and disrupt the classroom teaching without any particular reason and those students are usually the attention seeking kids. These type of students need to get attention no matter what the consequences they have to face, they don’t care. Giving punishments, shouting or taking them to the principle office acts as a reinforcer for them for getting attention. So what attention seeking means that they behave in such a way which is in pursuit of getting attention from others. Mostly these kids are mentally stressed or disturbed or not receiving much attention from their parents at home. Teachers with these kinds of students can do several things in order to calm these kids down.

Firstly, as a teacher, you should try to understand as to why they are behaving in such a way. Understanding your student’s behavior can help you in understanding what your students are going through and act accordingly. The best way is to talk with the parents of that kid; getting their insights on this can prove to be helpful. Also asking parents to coordinate with you in devising strategies and implementing on it can improve your students’ behavior.

Secondly, ignoring the students’ negative behavior can also be one of the ways to reduce the negative behavior. And giving them attention when they behave properly in terms of a smile, patting on the shoulder, clapping or giving stars can reinforce their positive behavior as they will know that the only way to get your attention is to behave properly.

Thirdly, set up a time in which you can have a private session with him/her e.g. each day 10mins before break time or any time that suits you. In that time ask your student to talk with you on any subject they like and in this way you will have a chance of becoming his/her friend and making them feel secure and comfortable that you are always here for him/her.

Fourthly, assign them with some important responsibilities and make them feel an important person of the class. For example, ask them to collect homework’s from the students, monitor the class in your absence or when school time is over make sure that all lights and fans are switched off. This will also boost their confidence level and make new friends.

Also, compliment everything you can make the day better for your students’ and they will feel good throughout the day. Compliment their haircut, their shirt, their new shoes, their work, or anything else you can think of.

 Lastly, try to avoid power struggles by picking and choosing your battles carefully because power struggle with your student makes the matter worse. If you don’t want to respond them and waste your time and energy just say yes from the beginning and end the conversation.