Commercial Stereotyping

The show that I watched for the analysis of commercials was American Horror story on FX. The commercials that were displayed during the breaks were of Liberty Mutual Insurance, Tylenol PM, and Sprint network. The identity groups that were represented were mostly working men and women who are doing jobs and are parents. Least represented … Continue reading Commercial Stereotyping


Intercultural Communication

Intercultural communication can cause a lot of problems like misunderstandings, conflict, anger etc. if a person fails to understand other person cultural beliefs and values. When I first arrived in the USA for higher studies I faced a lot of problems because I failed to understand what another person actually means and it took me … Continue reading Intercultural Communication

Auckland Town Hall

Tabitha's sketchbook

Auckland Art Festival is in progress at the moment and there was a festive atmosphere in Aotea Square this afternoon. The town hall stands amongst a collection of newer high-rise buildings and various pop-up installations of the festival. I sat with my back to a wall to sketch but still attracted a few curious passers-by! A talented group of musicians was performing a medley of comic operatic pieces and other musical snippets and it was nice to have this accompaniment as I sketched.

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Uncreative Writing

Kenneth Goldsmith is an author and English teacher in The University of Pennsylvania. He is a founding editor of the online archive Ubuweb. He read a poem at President Obama's celebration of America Poetry at White House on May 11, 2011.  Coming to his writing that had influenced a few, especially his unimaginative creative writing … Continue reading Uncreative Writing

Periscope Culture

Twitter launched an application that helps its user to live stream videos about anything through their cellphones, IPad etc and is known as Periscope. A person can live stream anytime and anywhere he/she wants, and they can also join someone else live streaming. They can post comments and subscribe them as well. While using Periscope … Continue reading Periscope Culture

Language Learners

Why do people learn another language? What motivates them to do so? Is it that easy to learn another language? There are several questions like these which make one ponder. But there could be several reasons for learning another language like they are learning a language just for fun, they are learning it because it … Continue reading Language Learners

Attention-Seeking Kids

Teachers are often faced with those kinds of students that misbehave and disrupt the classroom teaching without any particular reason and those students are usually the attention seeking kids. These type of students need to get attention no matter what the consequences they have to face, they don’t care. Giving punishments, shouting or taking them … Continue reading Attention-Seeking Kids